Q: Is this useful outside of American products? I'm based in NZ and keen of transferable knowledge. 

A: Yes! Most remedies we reference are things you can make at home if needed.


Q: Will it be available to refer back to once purchased?

A: Yes! Upon checkout, you will be given a link to click on that will take you to download the e-course. You will have it to forever reference back to. 


Q: Does the course include suggestions for measles, chickenpox,  5ths disease, etc?

A: We cover more common ailments like thrush, HFM, stomach bugs, pink eye, UTI's, and ear infections to name a few. We also cover more general symptoms such as fever, coughs, congestion, skin issues. Brit covers pediatric vital signs, how to use a stethoscope and oximeter and normal and abnormal ranges. 


Q: How many pages is it?

A: It is 44 pages of resources that we wish we had at some point or another. We hope it blesses you!